Who we are

Little Learning Planet®  is a small Australian business with big goals. Little Learning Planet was established in 2012 by Racheal Tighe, a qualified teacher with a mission to enhance all children’s literacy skills and set them on a path to success in their future education. She also aims to support and empower parents in the role as their child’s first and most influential teacher.

What we do

Little Learning Planet® is dedicated to helping children to learn to read and spell.

We provide classes, group tutoring sessions and online programs that can be used by parents to teach their children essential literacy skills.

The Little Learning Planet classes and programs focus on play based, real world learning, with an emphasis on phonemic awareness and cognitive skill development, such as memory recall and concentration. Classes and Programs include Literacy Blast-Off, Group Tutoring, Comprehension and Listening Skills and Letter Names and Sounds. Each program uses best practice teaching strategies, currently used in Australian schools and is based on years of research and teaching experience.

Little Learning Planet also supports parents with an ‘Ask a Teacher’ feature, which provides advice from a qualified and practising teacher. 

How we are different

Little Learning Planet® prides itself in being child focused and socially responsible.

All of the classes and programs provided by Little Learning Planet are developed by a qualified teacher and are based on current exemplary teaching practises and neuroscience-based research. In addition to this, and unlike many other programs, our strategies foster interaction and communication between parent and child and supports a wide range of learning styles through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning activities.

Our activities build reading and spelling skills, memory and concentration skills, problem solving skills and fine and gross motor skills through hands on activities, conversation and play. We believe this is much more effective, and healthier, than simply sitting in front of a computer screen.

Our qualifications

Racheal Tighe is an Australian teacher, education consultant and creator of Little Learning Planet®. 

Racheal graduated from a leading Australian university in 2004 before returning to university for further study in education in 2006. Since then she has participated in ongoing professional development in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy, Learning Disabilities, Co-operative Learning, Behaviour Management and Neuroscience Based Learning.

In addition to this, Racheal has also participated in a Department of Education initiative to identify students at risk in literacy and implement exemplary teaching intervention programs to assist these students in becoming efficient readers and spellers. She also mentors current university students studying to become a teacher.

Our vision

Little Learning Planet® has a vision of a world where all parents have the resources to help their children to learn, and all children are provided with the skills needed to read and spell.

Little Learning Planet is a small business, dedicated to providing parents with excellent resources that help them, to teach their children to read and spell.

We aim to improve literacy in children through exemplary play bases classes and online programs and by empowering parents with simple, yet proven, teaching activities that are designed by a qualified teacher and based on current, teaching methods and neuroscience-based research.

We want children to read! This is our passion. Through our values we strive to work towards our vision of a world where every child can read.

Our values

Little Learning Planet® has four key values!

We are;

  • Professional and Reliable
  • Inclusive
  • Responsible
  • Giving

Professional and Reliable

Firstly, we pride ourselves in being a professional and reliable source of information. All of the content on Little Learning Planet® has been developed by a qualified and practising teacher. In addition to this we keep up to date with current teaching practises and neuroscience-based research in the field of learning and education. We understand children’s developmental stages and encourage the introduction of concepts at developmentally appropriate phases. We also ensure that all of our information is based on proven methods and facts rather than hollow promises or gimmicks.


You are your child’s first and most influential teacher and we want all parents and caregivers to be able to contribute positively to their children’s learning. We know that finding the right information at an affordable price and the time in today’s hectic routines can feel almost impossible. We support parents by providing affordable, easy to understand programs with simple, fun activities that can fit into even the busiest of days. We also provide an ‘Ask a Teacher’ feature that enables you to get advice from a qualified and practicing teacher.


Teaching children is a significant responsibility in which we hold a lot of pride and take very seriously. Things that children learn shape their lives and in turn shape our world. For this reason we ensure that all of our resources and activities are positive, healthy and inclusive. We encourage confidence and self esteem and promote communication between parents and children through activities that facilitate a positive bonding experience between you and your child.

We also want to take responsibility for our impact on our children’s world. We work hard to ensure that our business practises are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.


At Little Learning Planet® we hold in our hands a precious gift. The ability to read. We believe in a world where all children have the opportunity to be educated and we want to give that gift to as many children as possible. To do this we support organisations in Australia and around the world that work to improve the lives of children through education, health care, nutrition and the protection of human rights.

$1 from every purchase made is donated to charity. You can even choose which of our sponsored charities you would like your dollar to go to and feel sure of the fact that you are helping us to give the gift of reading to another child.

We currently support the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation and UNICEF’s Education Appeal. 

Our story

Teaching is a rewarding, thought provoking and humbling vocation. To be a teacher is a very special thing. You develop a great sense of responsibility for the students that you teach and their families. Like with your own family, as a teacher you spend many hours thinking about how you can better help a certain child to learn and what you can do to help another parent to support their child’s learning needs. After teaching for over half a decade and meeting countless wonderful parents from all walks of life who asked, “how can I help my child with reading and spelling at home?”, the idea for Little Learning Planet® was born.

After the idea emerged, years of planning, research and development went into the production of Little Learning Planet®. We sent mission statements to some of Australia’s best web developers, illustrators and universities and formed a team of passionate and talented professionals who helped to bring the idea to life.

We also knew that by setting up a business we were also creating the opportunity to expand our, currently limited ability as an individual, to support and promote education, health care, nutrition and human rights for all children. In addition to our goal of providing parents, like you, with excellent resources and supporting you in teaching your children, our other key goal is to enhance the lives of children in Australia and around the world.

This is only the beginning of our story. Over the next 12 months, Little Learning Planet® will grow to include new programs for parents, online games and educational toys and games. We also aim to gain 10 000 members and in doing so donate $10 000 to children’s charities.

We hope that you enjoy our website and feel inspired to join us on our mission to teach your child, and the children of the world, to read and spell.