This Father’s Day, help your child to make a cute Father’s Day card with a message of appreciation.

This is a great activity because it provides you with the opportunity to discuss letter names and sounds while creating something for dad.

1. Explain that you are going to make a card for dad, that has a message on the front. Discuss possible messages such as; You are the best, I love my dad, etc.…

2. Once you have decided on the message, write it in large letters on a piece of paper and place it in front of your child. Discuss the different letters and sounds that are in the message. Depending on the age and stage of your child you could also practise sounding out the words.

3. Fold a piece of card in half to make the Father’s Day card and put it, along with a collection of foam or plastic letters in front of your child. Allow your child to use the message you wrote to help them to find each letter that they need to create their message. As they find each letter, help them to lay it on the card to create the words.

4. Once all of the letters have been found and placed correctly on the card, glue them in place and leave the card to dry.

5. Once dry, help your child to finish the card by writing a message on the inside.

Have a great Father’s Day, everyone, and please share your creations with us.