Visit a library

Take your child to your local library to browse through the books and choose a new story to read. Libraries can become magical places of discovery and enjoyment. Take the time to read a few short picture books to your child while you are at the library and choose some more to take home.

Have a book picnic

Take lunch and a book to the park and read with your child while you enjoy your picnic. If it is raining out, have an indoor picnic instead. Lay a rug on the carpet and play make-believe. You could even invite some toys to join the book picnic.

Download a free book

Did you know that classic books (books that are over 100 years old) are free to download on Amazon Kindle books and Apple ibooks. There are many great classics that you can download today to read with your child, some of them include; The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett and Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling.

Write a story

Help your child to write a story. Choose a simple topic such as their favourite colour, toy or food and encourage your child to think of short sentences that describe the topic. For example, I like yellow. Chicks are yellow… You could even create a simple book by writing each sentence on a separate piece of paper, allowing your child to illustrate each page and then stapling the pages together.

Publish a book

If your child enjoys writing why not help them to publish one of their books. There are many websites that provide a DIY publishing service where you can make and order your own book. Here is a cute example from This website even lets you sell your book to other people.

I hope that these ideas inspire you to have some reading and writing fun this World Book Day!

FACT: World Book Day is celebrated each year on the 23rd April, the same date as the death Shakespeare and the birth or death of many other significant authors, including Cervantes and Maurice Druon.