Why you should Love2Read with your child

Children begin to learn about language and reading from the day they are born. Research shows that the more exposure children have to books before starting school, the easier they learn to read. There are a number of reasons for this.

  • Children learn how to use books from seeing others read

  • While listening to stories children are exposed to new vocabulary and concepts

  • Exposure to letters and words helps children to recognise letters and their names and sounds

  • Children begin to develop a bank of sight words that they can recognise without sounding out the letters
  • Children improve read comprehension skills by being exposed to a range of text types
  • Children develop more language skills from birth, to the age of three years, than they do at any other time so it is important to start early

The Reading Hour

Parents live busy lives, but if you can find 10 minutes, most days, to read to your children, it soon adds up to a whole hour. Just an hour a week of reading is an excellent way to introduce literacy to children and begin encouraging children to Love2Read.

The Reading Hour is the perfect time to start reading regularly to your child and help spread the word about the importance of reading to children.

Join in

This year’s reading hour is from 5pm till 6pm on Saturday the 24th August. We encourage you to make a commitment to reading to your child for 10 minutes a day and join us in reading to your child during The Reading Hour. Help us to promote The Reading Hour and encourage other parents to join us by posting the title of the book you will be reading to your child during The Reading Hour, or a photo of you reading to your child, on Facebook. 

If need some inspiration finding great picture books to read to your child, check out our top ten children’s books for book week.

Dont forget to use our Facebook comment box below to help us spread the word that ten minutes a day is all it takes to give your child a positive introduction to reading!

I look forwards to hearing which books you will be reading.