Help you child to make this pretty and simple Mother’s Day card.

You will need

Coloured card or paper




Mother’s Day card template

Download and cut out the template and trace the the pieces onto  coloured paper or card. If you don’t have coloured paper or card, just use white paper and colour in using crayons or pencils.

Cut out the flowers and fold each petal in towards the middle of the flower.

Glue the flowers on top of each other using a small blob of glue and leave to one side to dry.

Use scissors to make small cuts all the way along the strip of paper that will make the centre of the flower. Take care to stop approximately 1 cm before the edge.

Roll the strip of paper and glue the end. Leave to one side to dry.

Once the flower centre is dry, spread the trimmed paper apart. Put a small blob of glue in the centre of the flower and glue the flower centre in place. Allow to dry.

Fold a piece of card in half to make a card. Discuss with your child which way a card opens and point out that it is the same as a book.

Write a greeting on the front of the card. You could draw dotted letters for your child to trace. Now is also a good time for your child to write a message or draw a picture on the inside of the card.

Glue the flower onto the front of the card and leave to one side to dry.