NAIDOC week is a time to celebrate traditional, indigenous culture in Australia and recognise the contributions of indigenous Australians.

This NAIDOC week we have a fun, letter shape recognition activity, inspired by traditional dot painting.

This is such an easy, yet fun activity and the repetitive nature of creating the dots helps children to  consolidate their recognition of letter shapes.

Write a letter that you are working on, onto a piece of paper. Ask your child what the letter’s name and sound is and practise saying it together.

Show your child how to create dots using paint and a cotton bud. Ask your child to go over the letter outline that you have created using bright, paint dots. You could also explain to your child that dot painting is a traditional form of painting originally done by Aboriginal people.

Use other colours to make dots around the letter shape that your child has traced over with dots.

Your child’s finished dot paintings can be displayed and used as letter recognition cards. We would love to see some of your creations on Facebook.