New parents need not feel too anxious about their child’s talking skills. There is really no need for that! You need to be patient and tolerant. Remember that a child is a natural learner. Do you know that a human child is a born swimmer? Yes, even a newborn can swim! Helping to learn to talk actually begins with following up with the child’s natural instinct in the way of nonverbal communication.

First lessons

Infants show signs of non-verbal communication such as recognizing parents, especially the mother. Yes, those body language signs that you recognize and respond to during breastfeeding actually pave the way for comfortable language development. It is a good practice to keep talking to the child. Many parents also follow this wonderful practice of recording the child’s babbles on their mobile devices and playing it to the child repeatedly. The results have been very well-received.

Responsible parenting

Do not think that it is pointless because the child is too little to understand anything anyway! Do not criticize or rebuke your child for not talking. Instead, spend as much time with your child. Encourage the child by constantly saying things with gestures. You will see the child respond with hand movement too, trying to express playfully. What do you do? Obviously, you also play! This bonding helps you to grow that comfort factor that inspires the young one to grow. On this note, it is important to remember not to do anything that’s fearful or uncomfortable for the child. Parents may have their personal differences, which can happen. However, a child’s well-being must always be the priority over adults having their issues.

The bottom line, avoid loud, uneasy, and aggressive behavior especially in front of the child. Obviously, it is always for the best to sort out differences and be a happy family! You can always create a beautiful home environment by playing good music in the room. Choose something soothing and uplifting. About using TV, parents ought to be very discrete. You should carefully supervise the TV watching sessions. Always play the child-friendly channels. Make sure that the child is not getting dependent on the audiovisual experience.

Whenever you have the time, go on nature trips with your children. Let Mother Nature teach your precious darling with the music of rushing brooks, rustling leaves, birdsong, and the rhythm of rain upon rooftops.  Look for professional help if you need. Sometimes, concerned parents rush their children to the counselor if they are reluctant to talk, thinking that the problem is with the child. Maybe, the issue is with the stifling climate in the home where the child is too scared to talk! Please look to this.

Get good help

You can find concerned services dedicated to helping parents with sessions and online programs so that they can better communicate with their children. How do you know that the service is really helpful?

  • Who is teaching? Do you get to interact with a qualified teacher who is well versed in neuroscience, relationship dynamics, and child psychology?
  • Do they offer play-based learning? This means that the tutor arranges easy games for the child to be familiar with the sound of words (phonetics). Another game is to identify shapes with sounds. Obviously, the most basic lesson is to recognize each alphabet and learn to pronounce it. Advancing by age group, the alphabets come together to make words; and later, the words together make the sentences. It can be with geometrical shapes as well (no sharp edges), helping the child with cognitive skills development. The child plays with shape and learns to say what it is. Group interaction sessions are very helpful as well.


  • Along with verbal lessons, good professional service also provides reading lessons. 

Good Feelings

Parents should always help the child as much as they can. You can look up online resources shared by professionals and other parents. However, always remember that you are not to be too technical in language development. It ought to be natural, a feeling stemming from the heart. Never lose that heart connection, a spiritual feeling that reminds you of being a child once upon a time.

To have a child is a gift of God, an act of natural creation. Being so lucky, so graced, it is a huge responsibility! You need to be at your best. To hear your child speak the first words or call you Mama or Papa for the first time is a magical experience! If you are impatient or difficult, you may miss this grace. Take your time to grow as a mother or a father, especially if you are having your first child. If your child has siblings, the elder ones may feel distraught with the coming of a young one and most of the attention being there. Always make sure that the brothers and sisters are good and helpful to each other.

Here is wishing you a beautiful family time!